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About Siege of Centauri

Earth's first interstellar colony in Proxima Centauri is under attack by an unknown alien species. Earth has sent you to save the colony at any cost.

Defend Centauri

Play through 16 missions that increase in challenge as you progress. Alter your strategy to react to new threats based on what's attacking the map.

Survive Endless Enemy Waves

Battle nonstop waves of enemies in Endless Mode. See how long you can last before they overwhlem you.

Deploy a Variety of Towers

Choose from towers that can arc lightning to destroy ground and air foes, shoot powerful cannon beams to destroy heavy armored units, and more.

Call Powerful Orbital Abilities

Respond to threats by calling reinforcements to fight enemies directly, or overcharging your towers to give them a boost.

Prepare for Battle

Choose new abilities or customize your towers between missions to face new enemies. Optimize your gun turrets, arm your reinforcements, and more.

Impressive Visual Fidelity

Experience massive waves of enemies with the full effects of beautiful lighting, realistic textures, and high-quality explosions with no performance impact.