Deploy a swarm of defensive constructs to hold back attackers. They will draw fire away from our colony and are also an effective way to try to hold enemies in an area so they can be targeted by nearby towers. But these constructs will only last for a limited time.


An AI-controlled war machine outfitted with missiles and pair of chain guns. Milton is effective against medium and light enemies, but can only be maintained for a short time. Once he is destroyed it will be a while before he can be deployed again. Choose carefully where and when to deploy him, though he can move around the battlefield.


The Carpathia can boost a towers rate of fire by 400%%. This won't affect support towers, but is a great way to speed up the slow firing Minos Cannon and Arc Projectors.


This shielded beacon will distract enemies for a time. This beacon can't do any real damage, but has no time limit, so multiples can be laid out in advance. The beacon is equipped with demolitions. When destroyed it will explode and damage anything around it, including other Lures.


Disables all enemies in the target area for a short duration. Useful defensively to protect the colony, or offensively to hold enemies in a specific area to maximize the damage of surrounding towers. Very powerful when combined with Orbital Strike, to stun enemies in place and maximize the targets caught in the blast radius.

Disruption Beam

Does a high amount of damage to a single unit. Though it can be used to finish off an enemy that is threatening the colony, it is more efficient to use early and wipe out a high-value enemy so that your defenses can focus on other targets.

Orbital Strike

There is short delay prior to this ability firing, plan carefully to take full advantage of it. Orbital Strike does a massive amount of damage to anything caught in its area of effect and will destroy nearly everything except the most powerful ships in one hit. But beware, the slow cooldown means that you are unlikely to be able to use it more than once per mission, so choose your moment carefully.

Temporal Shift

Shifts enemies in the area of effect back in time and away from your colony. This ability has an extremely long cooldown so use it carefully.

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